#BrumBlogmas Day #16 – Home

Today's Blogmas theme is "home". I wondered what to write about for this, as my home is always a tip and I don't really want to show you around, plus my Christmas tree looks very sorry for itself. Then I realised, I should tell you about the reason why my home is always a state,… Continue reading #BrumBlogmas Day #16 – Home


#BrumBlogmas Day #15 – Reflections

Reflections are the name of the game for the 15th day of Blogmas, and in the true spirit of the upcoming new year, I thought I would have a look back on my last year in blogging. It's been 7 months and 3 days since I published my first ever post here on my blog!… Continue reading #BrumBlogmas Day #15 – Reflections

#BrumBlogmas Day #12 – Christmas Sparkle

We're pretty much at the halfway point of Blogmas now, at day 12. Today's BrumBlogmas prompt is "Christmas Sparkle". What's more Christmassy (and sparkly) than snow? Every single Christmas card around shows scenes covered in the stuff, and it's so synonymous with the season that there are countless songs about it! Because white Christmases hardly… Continue reading #BrumBlogmas Day #12 – Christmas Sparkle