A Mental Health Update – Changes and Decisions

I wanted to chat to you all about something that's been going on with me lately. Some of this is a little difficult to discuss, but I'll try and talk about it frankly. I've mentioned before that I was seeing a therapist to help me work through my depression and anxiety problems. Well, after seeing her… Continue reading A Mental Health Update – Changes and Decisions


Reading Challenge – A book written over 100 years ago

For the third book in the Hannah Braime reading challenge, readers are tasked with reading a book written over a hundred years ago. I cheated a little with this book (I suspect this may not be the first time) because I had planned on reading Jane Austen's Emma, but I found it so utterly dull… Continue reading Reading Challenge – A book written over 100 years ago

Picking Your Battles – self-care and expectations

Recently, reading an article by Marie Southard Ospina in Dazed about hyperfemininity in the plus size community, I started to have a think about the various obstacles that we all find in our way and the different battles that we have to fight. For most people it can be tricky negotiating the tension between what… Continue reading Picking Your Battles – self-care and expectations

Mental Health and Me – Part 2 Social Life

C.W.: Mental health problems, depression and anxiety. N.B.: The experiences being discussed here are my own. Please do not presume that other people with mental health issues experience the same thing or that my experiences are either typical or atypical. Also, I am not a mental health professional so, if in any doubt, please do… Continue reading Mental Health and Me – Part 2 Social Life

Sexuality, Confidence and The Little Things That We Do

This post started off as a thread on my twitter account that I wrote a few weeks ago. You can read the original here. At this time of year you see a lot of cities throwing Pride parades and celebrations attended by both members of the LGBTQ+ community and their straight, cis- allies. I think it’s great… Continue reading Sexuality, Confidence and The Little Things That We Do