#BrumBlogmas Day #23 – Wind-Down Routine

n.b. this post contains affiliate links (*) which won’t cost you any more, but I may receive a small percentage of the cost of the item if you buy through that link.

It’s Christmas Eve Eve and all over the country people are finishing up their Christmas shopping or breaking up from work for the holidays. Making the most of your time off can be really tricky when you’ve had to endure the stress of the crowds at the shops, or trying to meet deadlines before setting that all-important out of office. So these are some of the things that I do to wind down, things which might well help you lose that tension and get into the festive spirit.


Pampering Collage

I’m a massive fan of grabbing half an hour to have a quick shower and a bit of a pamper. I absolutely love facemasks, which I put on with a flat foundation brush* because otherwise I can end up being a little heavy handed. The facemask I’m using at the moment has almost run out, so I’ve got my eye on Superdrug’s new face mask range. They all look super, but I especially want to try the charcoal version and the blueberry jam one. I also love some of the Tony Moly range, and I’ve been using there Panda’s Dream* eye patches loads, which are a little slimey, but because they’re so dark, they are lovely and soothing. I also really like their Seedless Strawberry Seeds* nose pack, which I enjoy more than most nose strips.

Comfy Clothing

M&S Loungewear Collage

Much as I like nice outfits, I also love taking off my jeans and bra at the end of the day and putting on pjs or loungewear in order to get nice and comfy. I love these pyjama sets from Marks and Spencers – the Up To Snow Good one looks classy and fun, whilst the penguin set is just really cute and comfy-looking. I also love the Shimmersoft Dressing Gown, which I bought last year, and is really cosy, warm, and snuggly. I also think that decent slippers are very important, but I’m really fussy because I like them to be comfy but I also need them to come off easily as my feet get really warm, so these cable-knit mules look cosy and convenient!


App Collage

If I can find the time (and if I actually remember) I find that taking 10 minutes to focus on relaxing really helps. Depending on my mood I sometimes enjoy meditating, and I tend to use the Buddhify app and I like the fact that they have meditations aimed at all sorts of different scenarios, most of which are in the 5-10 minute time-frame, and they’re voiced by different people. At other times I like to lie there with the Tony Moly eye patches on, just listening to music on Spotify and not doing anything else. And sometimes it’s just nice to curl up with a lovely hot chocolate – blissful!

So how do you wind down? Do you have any preferred ways to relax or are you just that chilled already?

Don’t forget to have a look here to see the other posts I’ve written for Blogmas, and check back tomorrow for the last BrumBlogmas post of 2017!


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