Dear Concern Trolls…

Yesterday I had the joys of seeing yet another plus size lady having to defend herself on Twitter against someone who was berating her for existing in a fat body. I am sick to death of seeing this play out time and again – the “concerned” party attempts to deny fat people their worth in a number of predictable ways, ranging from “fat is bad” and “health is beauty” to “you can’t love yourself if you’re fat”. Not only are these arguments painfully tired and refutable, but they’re also destructive, discriminatory, and ableist!

Time after time, fat people and their allies end up repeating the same refutations in the face of these attacks. It’s got to be getting a little boring for them by now, having to type the same comments to yet another person you’ve never met but who suddenly knows everything about your bodily health.

So, I decided to create a handy-dandy little infographic that summarises some of the most often used arguments against concern-trolls so that you can save your fingertips that little bit of extra effort!

Dear Concern Trolls...

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