New Pyjamas from George at Asda


I really need to get quicker at writing up the posts that I have in mind. My other half took the photos for this post about a month ago, so I apologise for my laxity (as well as for the somewhat creased clothing – I tend to neglect ironing more than I ought to).

I’ve only recently started wearing pyjamas (yes, it’s true, I normally wear nighties – shocking, I know!) But the warm spells that we’ve had on and off for the last few months have me wishing for thin, woven cotton and trousers for comfort and coolness. I decided to idly keep an eye out for something to satisfy me, not expecting to find something so quickly that fits the bill.


These pyjamas are from George at Asda and cost the princely sum of £15 in total (£7 for the trousers and £8 for the top). Because they are sold separately, you are able to mix and match the size (and, considering most women are different sizes on top and bottom, this feels like the best option). They’re really comfy and light, just what I was after, and I find the shirt to be very generous, so I don’t accidentally flash anyone when I’m lounging around on a lazy Sunday.

So yeah, here’s me doing the closest I’ve ever come to a boudoir shoot, just pulling some power poses on my bed…


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