A casual Saturday outfit from Simply Be

A couple of Saturdays ago I headed into the Jewellery Quarter for a coffee and a catch-up with my brother. For those of you not too familiar with Birmingham, the Jewellery Quarter is the area of the city where a large number of the city’s jewellery manufacturing businesses were located during it’s industrial peak. Today it is still home to a number of jewellery makers, large and small, and enough jewellery shops that you can always find what you’re after here, or at least someone who can make it for you (in fact, my engagement ring was made for me here).

But it is also quite a trendy area, with lots of good independent pubs and cafes (and not a big chain coffee shop in sight) and a lovely, laid-back vibe. Lots of the old factories and warehouses have been converted into apartment buildings, filled with younger people who want to live within easy distance of the city centre, and small office spaces, so there is this underlying feeling of creativity, both old- and new-fashioned, underpinning the area’s continued popularity.

So, of course, if I was going to spend a couple of hours there then I needed to wear something effortlessly, casually cool, so this is what I decided to go with…


The t-shirt is one that I bought in the sale from Simply Be a few weeks ago and I can no longer find it on their site now, which is a shame because the green stripes make a nice change from the usual black stripes that you see a lot, as well as softening the effect a little. I also love that there’s a mix of horizontal and vertical stripes because they add a bit more interest (they’re probably there to be flattering or something, but who cares?) The only criticism is that the fabric, which is a viscose jersey, is a little heavier than I had expected, so it does get a little warm if I’m not careful.

I teamed the t-shirt up with my trusty Sophia Jeggings which I love (even if they can go a little baggy around the knees after walking around in them a little) and my new favourite day-to-day shoes, a pair of grey espadrilles with glittery toes, also from Simply Be. These come in EEE width (although I’m fairly sure they also come in other widths as well), and are possibly the comfiest things that I’ve had on my feet in ages! The tops are a soft suede-y fabric and the soles are surprisingly cushiony for shoes that only cost me £15 (seriously, that’s their full price!). I have worn these on several occasions that involve walking around a lot and they are still comfy by the end of the day, so I am seriously considering buying another pair (or 3) next time I do a Simply Be order.


I’ve got a few more fashion blogs in the pipeline, as well as a some more book reviews, and the odd event post too, so don’t forget to check back here for more, or follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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