Reading Challenge – A Book From Your Childhood

A few days ago I wrote about the first book I read in the reading challenge by Hannah Braime, Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene.

This time I’m writing about book number 2 – a book from my childhood. As a kid I was an avid reader, but one book that really made an impact on me, feeding into my loves of mythology and fantasy, was The Snow Spider Trilogy by Jenny Nimmo. Ok, so technically it’s a trilogy, but growing up I had a wonderfully well-worn, well-loved, dog-eared copy that contained the whole series, so it was the obvious choice for this category (even if I was a little naughty for this reading and bought myself another copy to avoid losing any pages).


This is yet another coming of age tale, this time following Gwyn, and young, Welsh, farmer’s son who is given a series of strange gifts for his ninth birthday. In a tale steeped in Welsh mythology, Gwyn learns to use the gifts as his life is filled with magic and wonder (and some tragedy).

This book was definitely one of my earlier introductions to the fantasy genre, and one I’d recommend to anyone. Despite it being undoubtedly a children’s book (not least because it made for an easy read), there is a lot about this book to recommend it to readers of all ages. So, if you want to introduce your kids to Welsh mythology and fantasy fiction, or if you just want a lovely, heart-warming story that’s not going to tax you, then this is very strongly recommended!

See the original post here, and book one here.

*Please note that this post contains an affiliate link


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